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Active Learning

Active learning is any learning activity in which the student participates or interacts with the learning process, as opposed to passively taking in the information. When given the opportunity to actively engage with the information they're learning, students perform better.

Expert Teachers

Expert teachers are aware of what they are doing; they monitor and adjust their teaching behaviours to bring out the best in their students. ... The expert teacher knows how to ensure that students honestly speak up and say what they think so that the invitation to learning is open to everyone.

Strategi Location

Real-time collaboration actually makes idea-sharing useful after awesome quality vectors

Full Day Programs

Numerous studies show that preschool programs with positive quality have a positive performance on children's development. Believing in this information, policy makers publicly expanded the availability of preschool education programs.

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About Our S. R. S. Memorial School

Education does not means, to give information but to bring out student's best body, mind and spirit. So that they may be ideal citizens for our country. They can stand on their own legs to earn their livelihood. The students belonging to rural areas are lagging behind in comparison with urban areas. Our moto is to prepare the students of rural areas imparting quality education. As it's known to all present patterns of education being imparted in rural areas is not sufficient to meet out the requirement of different competitions, SRS School has been started. We promise to fulfill all the expectations of our students and parents. May God bless us.

Why Choose S. R. S. Memorial School

SRS Memorial School is one of the best English Medium School in area, providing Best education and 100% Overall Growth of its students.

Expert Teachers

Expert teachers are aware of what they are doing; they monitor and adjust their teaching behaviours

Multimedia Class

Using this very broad definition of multimedia, multimedia in the classroom could include Power Point presentations

Music And Art Class

Whether they are exposed to art and music in school or through private or community classes and lessons, the benefits are incredible.

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Smart Class

SmartClass is the education technology platform for K-12 and higher education, serving hundreds of thousands in many countries around the world.

Computer Class

The course will run you through all of the basic concepts and techniques of using a personal computer, getting you up to speed with modern personal computing .

Yoga Class

Educate yourself before taking your first yoga class with these expert ... or any baseline level of flexibility—or fitness, for that matter—to try yoga.


The Three Pillar is a masterpiece of explication, a school that will be a classic for its offering of a wise, authoritative and humane explanation of the forces

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Ajay Singh School Director

The institute,S.R.S. Memorial School is a subsidiary project under THE SHRINET SHIROMANI RAJENDRA SINGH

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Mr. K.K. Singh Administrator

Our Administrator, an MBA graduate with rigorous 20+ yr of experience in management and finances.

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Mrs. Rekha Singh Principle

She believes that teaching is not just a vocation for her but a life long ambition to fulfill.She has resolved

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